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HostGator Awarded Best Joomla Host of the Year

Joomlahostingreviews.com just announced their best hosting company awards for 2011. On the top of that list is HostGator, winning the award for best overall hosting company.

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My two cents

You've probably seen HostGator mentioned in my other posts. That's because I LOVE HostGator, and have been a loyal customer for over five years. They host dozens of my and my clients' websites, including this one.  I've been burned by other hosts in the past, but HostGator's always been there for me with their affordable plans and reliable support.  Speaking of - their tech support is THE best in the biz as far as I'm concerned. You can reach their Texas-based tech support 24/7, to be greeted by a real-life American. Plus, the people who answer the phones are actual Linux administrators. Not just operators looking answers up in a book.

When it comes to Joomla

HostGator's servers are pre-configured to handle all of Joomla's system requirements. Meaning your site will always run smoothly without a hitch. And another awesome perk is their super easy QuickInstall service. QuickInstall is basically a newer, and better, version of the Fanastico installer. Letting you easily install the latest version of Joomla in about 2 mouse clicks. No joke! Checkout my Joomla QuickInstall tutorial to see how easy it is.

Can you tell how much I love these guys!!?? In fact, HostGator is helping me spread the word. To show my appreciation, they gave me an exclusive coupon to share with readers of JoomlaDirect. Just use the coupon JOOMLADIRECT for a huge 25% discount at checkout.

Has your experience with HostGator been as good as mine? I'd love to hear it if you wouldn't mind dropping me a line in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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